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Last updated on 04/25/2023 ./M5Stack-Games

M5Stack quick update


Added disp.stealSPI() to reset the baud rate of the SPI bus be fast enough for the display. By default the display module will remain in the old mode of automatically resetting the SPI baud on every operation, but after stealSPI is called, it switches into the new mode and stops auto-reiniting unless explicitly indicated. This is so that old programs don't need to be updated, but can be run in ignorence.



This is a random collection on projects for the m5stack, built on vanilla micropython and russhughes's ili9342 library. It looks like he might even be providing pre-compiled mp binary, but I've not tested

It contains:

As a rule, the apps in ./sd are finished, those in ./dev are not, and those in ./ are drivers or other tools